My name is Milan and I started doing woodworking and carpentry in the 1990s. When I got my first apprenticeship, I was a little disappointed that the master I worked with spent a lot of time trying to make his own products and get paid instead of helping me master my craft.

Decades later, I realized that by using the internet I could help other young journeymen from the same thing by creating a great information resource for carpenters to see masters at work and be inspired and instructed to practice and improve their skills and their final product. Some projects can be intimidating at first, but remember that as a woodworker, your main assets are your patience and precision, and that once you know what to do you just need to follow instructions towards the end product and add some personal touches on the way. Now that I’m a master carpenter, my new goal is to help others succeed in the home workshop and at the workplace by providing the knowledge carpenters need to get the job done right.