With that being said, an automatic chicken door can come of extreme convenience. The woodworking plans for automatic chicken coop door is simply a small, self-operating wooden door that allows an individual to set what times the door will open and close. Since the door is self-operating, there is no longer a need to wake up early mornings or evenings to open or close the coop, an individual can simply set the times to open and close the chicken coop door and the automatic chicken door does all of the work.

For the most part, the installation of the automatic chicken door is quick and relatively simple. The door not only secures the chickens and the eggs inside of the coop, but it also keeps out any other unwanted animals like rats, dogs and even raccoons. The automatic chicken door can be very beneficial to those who lead busy lifestyles, individuals that have the tendency to forget when to open or close the chicken coop door and even those who simply dislike waking up early in the morning in order to release the chickens farm from the coop.


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