The first product, the ultimate bandsaw, is a full framed bandsaw with a 14 inch resaw height. Rikon’s ultimate bandsaw comes with two motor options: a 2.5 horsepower Rikon motor with a starting price of $1499, and a 3 horsepower Baldor motor which starts at $1799. The ultimate bandsaw combines features of Rikon’s 14 inch, 16 inch, and 18 inch deluxe bandsaws.

The bandsaw is equip with versatile blade guides ranging from 1/4 inch to 1 inch. This woodworking product features one of the largest tables for its class. The 21 and 1/2 by 19 inch cast iron table is taken directly from the 18 inch deluxe Rikon bandsaw. It features dual miter slots.

The ultimate bandsaw features a number of safety features controlled by microswitches. A quick tension release system that is easily operable from both the front and back of the machine has microswitches installed for safety. If the user forgets to reengage the tension on Rikon’s ultimate bandsaw, the microswitch prevents the machine from being turned on.

A footbrake, also controlled by microswitches, is in place to not only stop the saw from cutting, but also to turn the machine off in case the operator is unable to turn it off manually.
Rikon also featured their new dust extractor which is intended for single use, as opposed to use with multi-pipe systems. The dust extractor has a steel drum with a 12 gallon capacity and a 4 inch hose.

This product features a 5 micron filter with the ability to filter down to 5 micro.
Both of these products featured at the AWFS Fair from July 20-23, 2011 are set to be available for purchase in the United States two weeks following the fair.

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