He begins with a wide board for each side, created by gluing two boards together. He then uses the table saw to cut those to their finished, proper length.
•    The builder demonstrates his woodworking tips approach to marking where each graduated step will be on one side of the tool chest, marking the proper height for each and using strips of 5/8” stock to mark the depths of each step.
•    When finished with all necessary markings on one side piece, the builder butts the marked piece against the unmarked piece. Ensuring that top and bottom are perfectly aligned, the builder then transfers horizontal markings to the other side piece. He then repeats the process of making the vertical markings.
•    There are several considerations regarding how to accomplish the cuts necessary for vertical steps. Ultimately, the best choice is the table saw because it makes the cleanest cuts that will require only minimal cleanup.
•    A primary consideration is that both sides be identical, so the builder constructs a fence support and clamps both side pieces and the backer board together to cut both boards at the same time.
•    Part II of the video is “Stopped Rips on the Table Saw.” The builder demonstrates an efficient method of using the table saw to cut the steps, one that leaves only a small bit of handwork needing to be done with a small chisel.

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