Discover Easy Way How to Build a Tree House


So for parents who are planning to make these outdoors structures right at their own lawns, you are at the right place. Read on some more and get great, simple and helpful tips on how to build a tree house today.


build a tree house

Step #1:

Pick the right tree. The first step on how to build a tree house is to find a good tree. A tree house cannot be installed in just any other kind of tree. First and foremost, it should be large and strong enough to support the structure.

The tree should also have three or more branches growing in close proximity where you can install your base on. You can also make use of two different trees that are positioned near each other.

The height of the tree and your tree house should also depend on the age of your kids. A 9-foot tree house should be safe enough for smaller kids. However, if you plan to build them higher, make sure that you create the right safety precautions as well.

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Step #2:

Install the main support beams. After you have gathered all your materials and tools, the very next step that you need to learn on how to build a tree house is installing the main support beams. Beams should be nailed at most a foot away from your desired tree house height.

Make sure that they are perfectly level and horizontal. Apart from that, it is very important that you give your trees enough space to move (without tearing your tree house apart) by simply boring a wider slot on your beams as they are fastened on to the tree trunk.


Step #3:

Make and install the platform. This is one of the most labor intensive parts on how to build a tree house. Attach a couple of 2 x 6 boards perpendicularly to your support beams using 3-inch deck screws. .

Make sure that they are spaced evenly to form the actual floor of you tree house. Nail in the last 2 x 6 beams, perpendicularly at either end of the platform to secure them into place. Make sure that you also install in braces to keep it from wobbling.

Cut out a 2 x 4 plank at a 45 degree angle and use this as a brace under each of the tree trunk to support the whole platform.


Step #4:

Lay the deck. Go up on your platform and lay down the deck. Do this one board at a time so you can easily form the deck according to the contour of your tree. Cut around the trunks and make sure that you leave out a 1-2 inch gap.


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Step #5.

Install the railings. After this, install the railings into place. Make sure that you put in enough support to hold your wood railings upright and secure. Make use of a 2 x 4 board as support. Do not forget to allot space for your entrance.


After you have done all these, the last step on how to build a tree house is to simply install the ladder and you should be ready to go.

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