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Bookcase Plans Archives

Tips For Getting Started In Woodworking

Woodworking can be an extremely enjoyable hobby or past time. Woodworker Curtis Martin explains tips how much money can be spent for woodworking tools.

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Learn How To Driving Screws into a Bookcase

Once the shelves have been installed on one side, flip over the bookcase to show the back and then you can begin to secure the opposite side.

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Kick Plates on a Bookcase

Now that all the shelves have been installed on both sides of the bookcase, it is time to insert the kick plates. It is important to note that the last screw in the bottom corner has been left out for the time being.

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How to Start Building a Bookcase

Once your wood has been measured and marked, you’re ready to begin putting your shelves together. All screw holes in your first board should be counter sunk before you start attaching the first two pieces.

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