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Wooden Boat Plans Archives

Wood Turning Wooden Boat Festival

Wood turning has become a part of the classic and wooden boat fest. A lot of products were made out of wood and processed under woodturning such as platters.

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Drilling Long Holes With Boring Bars

Long holes can be drilled using boring bars. A boring bar is a rigid steel rod with an adjustable cutter protruding out. It is carefully guided by carefully placed bearings.

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How To Laminating Frames For Wooden Boat

Laminating frames have become popular among boats for many reasons. Good quality of bending stocks has become scarce and the reliability of holding the frames once it has been laminated is quite remarkable.

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Wooden Boat Steam Bending Frames

A boat is useless if it has no frames since it is the primary factor why a boat has a shape. Frames are usually made out of long strips of Oaks that were steamed to be made flexible. It is then gently bend into a curve shape.

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Custom Boat Building

The Juice Conference focuses on bringing together artists, entrepreneurs and state government leaders in the state of Maine.

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Great Wooden Boats

Philip Bloom is a filmmaker who discovered Michigan’s Great Lakes Boat Building Company while on vacation at the Great Lakes.

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