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To begin chip carving you need a hammer, a chisel, and a piece of wood. This is a good technique to use when carving out space for a keyhole or a lock in a door.

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Techniques for Building a Wooden Fence

This next video showcases some of the main techniques used in constructing a fence. How to build fence tips and marking where each post will go.

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How to Install a Stepped Wood Fence on a Slope

This is a really smart video reminding us that innovation and problem solving are important for dealing with the issues we face when doing a home improvement project.

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Woodworking tips- How to cut a cabinet door

Woodworking tips from carpenter Flavia Teixeira giving some tips of how to Cut a door cabinet using ozito unijaw for wood working project.

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How To Make A Chess Board

See step by step how to build a wood chess board woodworking tips how to design and make chess board. Check out this great video!

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French Cleat Storage System

Carpenter Marc Spagnuolo explain how to make french cleat storage system for workshop. It’s a great tip to kick off some do it yourself wood work plans.

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