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About Woodworking Hand Tools

Woodworking tips form expert Curtis Martin showing different types woodworking hand tools how to use them and, what types of tools to use in future woodworking project.

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About Woodworking Clamps

Expert Dave Trull showing woodworking tools, woodworking clamps for every type of woodworking project.

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Routers come in two types. They can either be fixed base or plunged base, and this will affect what kind jobs they can be used for, and it affects how well they work for those jobs.

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 Beginner's Guide to Routers.

Routing a decorative profile on the edge of a board is a technique you’ll probably use more than any other.

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Jig saw Tips and Techniques

The jigsaw can make straight cuts, curve cuts, bevel cuts, and plunge cuts. Because there are a variety of blades a jigsaw can use.

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