I came across an awesome chicken coop project that everyone should try doing if they have stuff left lying around the shop after a big project or maybe after several big projects. Obviously this doesn’t apply if you’re not living somewhere that you might keep chickens, but it just goes to show what you can accomplish by recycling old materials in a creative and interesting way.

This chicken coop was built using a bathtub crate for the initial form and other recycled wood from her wood shop. Impressively, the only thing purchased for this project turned out to be the hinges for the doors to the chicken coop.

I can’t speak for everyone in terms of how much excess materials are around your shop, but I know that I keep a ton of surplus around, especially when I accidentally buy the wrong materials which does happen! Remember to think of the chicken coop woman and her chickens whenever you’re going to throw something out, instead try and come up with a better use for it than just throwing it in the garbage.

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