Finally, we’re at the end of this special three-part video series on how to complete your first cabinet woodworking project, step by step. In this video, you’ll see some excellent and innovative ideas as we get into some unique ways to get full value out of your table saw when building cabinet doors.

The door frames made in this video are simple and highlight an important fact about woodworking. Remember that carpentry does require a bit of talent and hard work, but the most important asset of an expert carpenter is attention to detail and the patience to execute work with precision.

You’ll see in this video the kind of great, smooth work you can produce by showing exceptional professionalism in how you execute a job. The final task is staining your kitchen cabinets, adding whatever hardware you like for handles and being satisfied with a job well done. Alternatively, you may choose to stain before you assemble, but whatever you do, don’t miss the final part of this great series.

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