To get busy on your furniture plans, all you need is some ½ inch plywood, 2 pieces of fence stock and some good hard wood for your runners.  The goal is a runner that is flush with the saw table, you can attach the runners to the plywood by carefully drilling holes through the plywood and attaching it with screws to your runners.

Ensure that you use a screwdriver to insert the screw rather than a drill to avoid cracking the runners. Now you have a sled mounted on the runners and you can attach your fence stock and make a handle for your cross cut sled. The major point of having a cross-cut sled is that you can easily cut large pieces of wood – they are held stable by the structure of your sled.

Additionally, the use of a stopping block can help to standardize your cuts so that you get a perfectly straight cut every time without the error that usually exists with freehand use of the table saw. Make sure you use calibration methods shown in the video to minimize any errors in your construction.

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