For the purpose of encouraging creativity and innovation for economic development in the state of Maine. During one of their meetings, the subject was custom boat building in the state of Maine. One site was Rockport Marine, founded in 1962 by owner Taylor Allen’s parents, and specializing in wooden boats. The Lyman-Morse company in Thomaston, Maine focuses on building state-of-the-art custom yachts.

As voiceover narration explains the importance of the mid-coast Maine location and the contribution that boat building makes to the local economy, the viewer watches scenes of boat builders at work. There is little automation other than any power tools that the builders use. The primary “tool” appears to be that combination of experience and talent, that emerges only with time and highlights the best of each of the two ingredients. Taylor Allen explains that his company does a wide range of custom projects and rarely builds the same design more than once.

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