Have you been in the market for some woodworking tools lately? Or do you have a lot of woodworking tools that are in great shape but you just can’t hold onto anymore? Well, whether you are looking to buy or sell tools, here is some great news for you! The Dupage Woodworkers are going to be holding an auction on Saturday, July 30th at St. James the Apostle Church located at 480 S. Park Blvd (the church is right there on the corner of Park Blvd. and Fawell Blvd. or 22nd street) in Glen Ellyn IL.

The auction is set to begin at 9am right off the parking lot on the north side of the church. Though the entire community is being invited to participate in this auction at 9am, those wishing to sell their unwanted tools, all of which must be woodworking in nature, are encouraged to show up at 8am to help set up and get everything ready before all of the buyers come in to take a look around. You’re almost guaranteed to get a good price for your tools since everyone participating will be there specifically looking for woodworking tools. Whether you’re a buyer or a seller, everyone needs to register before being allowed to participate. Come on down and see all of the woodworking goodies we will have for sale! Unload some of your tools for a great price and see if you can find a good deal on a few tools that you just can’t live without. With all the tools and great deals, there is no telling what kind of treasure you might come across!

A side note to members: Because of the auction, the regular monthly club meeting will not be held on the 27th of July, rather regular meetings will resume starting in August meeting on the fourth Wednesday.

If you have questions, comments, concerns or are just looking for a little more information, contact Publicity Chairperson Jack Pine at (630) 215-7482 or e-mail Publicity@dupagewoodworkers.org. You can also check out page four of the July newsletter on web site: www.dupagewoodworkers.org.

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