Your woodworking plans for how to made fox wedged locks it in place is the method is performed by drilling a small whole in a slightly loose tenon, sawing a kerf along the length of the tenon and cutting a thin wedge of the wood that is a little longer then the tenon. As the tenon is driven into the mortise, the wedge reaches the bottom of the mortise and jams back into the sawn kerf, effectively flaring the split tenon and locking it into place.

The fox wedging technique is generally be performed when building or constructing a variety of wooden objects, such as furniture items, cabinets, doors and even drawers. While the fox wedging woodworking technique is not demanding and does not call for the use of an abundant amount of tools or difficult machinery, some easily obtainable tools and supplies that can come of absolute necessity when executing the fox wedging technique are a hand saw, a power drill, a pencil, a gauge used for measuring, a paper towel and a chisel.

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