The French cleat storage system uses interlocking hooks as a storage method that allows you to hold some seriously heavy stuff in your workshop, it’s a great way to kick off some do it yourself plans. Start with the main piece, a large piece of relatively think plywood that you can mount in your wall.

The thicker the better, because you’ll be able to screw your mounts in deeper and they’ll be more secure, but try to be cost effective. The key is securing a strip of wood with a 45 degree bevel to the wall and then fashioning mounting devices for your items that also have a 45 degree bevel that interlocks with your shelving unit.

You can use a variety of tools to make your bevel, including just a table saw if you don’t have something better. This type of shelving uses an interlocking design that’s very strong and versatile. You’ll really be surprised at the weight that you can hang from your French cleat storage system once you’ve taken care in assembling it. Also, anything you make can hang anywhere on your storage system so it can be organized however you like and the layout doesn’t have to be permanent.

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