This great chicken coop project even includes a nesting box with egg collection area, perches, a light and other awesome design ideas. We often post a lot of projects that are really specific for wood workers, but even farmers can get some value out of building their own chicken coop.

If designed well, these can last a long time. In the city I live in, we are just making it legal to raise chickens in a controlled urban setting, so hopefully someone in the city reads this and gets turned on to a less expensive way of providing yourself some eggs or chickens.

Really, that’s what wood working is all about: being able to make something you would rather not buy. By using a lot of the aptly named chicken wire, you can both make your chicken coop accessible for viewing and limit your costs in purchasing wood. It’s important to learn the best conditions that chickens like to nest in if you’re planning to get eggs from them, and don’t forget, you’ll need to get your hands on some chickens but we’ll leave that to you!

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