Learn how to apply tung oil to wood is great woodworking techniques for wood finishing .

There are two ways to apply tung oil using a cotton rag: either in lengthwise or circular motions. It important to be liberal with the oil: it is better to have more than less.

When coating the wood, you will begin to notice the oil saturating into the surface as it soaks into the pores of the wood. The wood will eventually become dry again once the oil has been spread thoroughly. The next step is to leave the oiled wood for about twenty-four hours before applying a second coat.

The next coat of tung oil should be applied with extremely fine sandpaper. This makes the wood smoother and also pushes the oil deeper into the wood, giving it a much richer sheen once it has dried. Tung oil can be applied many times, each coat giving the wood a deeper and more attractive shine. After each coat, buff the wood with a dry cotton cloth to reveal the depth and clarity of the wood.

When applied correctly, tung oil protects from every day use and brings out a deep and lustrous shine from the wood.

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