Make sure you have a backstop attached to your crafts table so that you have something to push against when securing the shelves. This makes controlling the boards easier when driving the screw.

In order bookcase plans to secure the first screw, match up just the corners on the firs two boards. Then, insert the first screw in the hole and, while keeping the boards in place with one hand, drive the screw with the other using the screwdriver. It is important for the boards to remain steady. This is when the backstop comes in handy for woodworking project.

Sometimes there can be a slight overlap with these two boards. This is normal, and often desirable, as this can be sanded into a flush edge once the shelf is finished. To begin fastening the next screws, square the two boards along the edge and drive the screws to finish securing the top shelf.

Repeat these steps for wood working plan until all the shelves are secured on one side.

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