What to Look For in Your Chicken Coop Designs

For people wanting to build their own chicken coops it is difficult to find the right blueprint designs needed from the hundreds of designs that can be accessed on the internet. Some of the designs found on the internet aren’t even worth your time though and can actually cause more damage to your chickens than benefit them. So it is very important to find a perfect plan that will create a sturdy coop making your work, time and effort put into building the coop worthwhile for you and for your chickens.

So here is a guide to some of the most critical and important features you can look out for when looking at chicken coop designs, so that you can find the absolute best design for you and your hens.

1.) Find Designs That Are Most Efficient to Clean and Repair

When building a chicken coop it is very important to have it be spacious enough to be able to do all the necessary cleaning and repairs that will be required. Most designs on the internet don’t really take this into consideration fully leaving builders with a small coop that is far to difficult to maintain.

Some important things to pay attention to in designs for your coop and to aid in cleaning are doors that open inwards instead of outwards to prevent your chickens from escaping the coop. It is also very important to have a floor that has a downward slope for making it much easier to clean the coop of chicken waste. This slope should be made leading towards the front door so you can easily spray out waste with a hose.

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2.) Make Sure to Have Adequate Ventilation In Your Chicken Coop

This is one of the most important things to look out for with your chicken coop design because a steady circulation of air will keep your chickens safe from suffocation. Some great ways to add some much needed ventilation for your chickens are adding sliding windows to your chicken coop where ever possible. These windows should be able to be opened and close easily and can be made from mesh or plexi-glass. Another great place that a window can be applied is to the front door of your chicken coop.

3.) Using Good Quality Building Tools and Materials

Buy spending a little extra money to ensure you’re buying quality materials it will actually in the long run save you a lot of time and money in maintenance. The designs you use should explain exactly which materials and tools will work the best for the building of the chicken coop you have chosen.

One of the most important materials you can supply for your chicken coop is getting enough wire mesh for your design. This is so important because the wire mesh will keep out any unwanted animals such as rats, foxes and dogs keeping your chickens safe. There is nothing worse for a farmer than to find their chickens having been attacked and harmed by an animal so wire mesh is a very important feature to add to your coop!

4.) Essential Lighting For Inside Your Coop

A good design for a chicken coop will always include the ability for an electrical light inside your coop. The reason a light source is important inside your chicken coop is because if you need to check your chickens at night for some reason not having a light makes it virtually impossible to see them. Another reason many people decide to include lighting in their chicken coops is to keep chickens used to mimic long days of light to keep hens laying throughout the winter season.

These are just some of the best features to pay attention to when choosing the design for your chicken coop, and by focusing on them it will greatly increase the quality of your chicken coop and also benefit your chickens lives.

The Factors To Pay Attention to When Creating a Chicken Coop

Chicken CoopThere are many mistakes people make when building their first chicken coops. The biggest problem new time builders have usually stem from their first designs and plans chosen which if built wrongly will unfortunately impact your hen’s productivity.

Here are some ways that you can make sure your chickens have the best coop possible that will greatly encourage a healthy laying pattern in your hens.

1.) Make Sure the Chickens’ Coop is The Adequate Size

One of the most important things is giving your chickens adequate space not only to give them a higher quality of life but to also keep your chickens safe and comfortable for laying. When chickens are in spaces to small they become stressed and will not lay as frequently.

When looking at designs for size always look for exact building measurements for your chicken coop. This is important because it will let you determine the perfect size for the exact amount of chickens you have.

2.) Determine the Materials You Want to Use For Building

You should definitely take your time determining the exact materials you want for your chicken coop and how much money you’re hoping to spend creating it. There are many ways to save money but still obtaining great materials. One great way is to contact people or companies for pre-used building supplies.

Another thing to do is to research the items you need and get the exact measurements for your chicken coop. By researching your items and scoping around for different prices it will give you the best chance to get the deals for your materials.

3.) Take Into Consideration Your Chickens Predators In Your Area

Having your chickens attacked by a predator is a very difficult and shocking thing for people to deal with that is why it is so vital to protect your chickens. It’s important to know the animals that could potentially cause harm to your chickens in the areas you live some common predators chickens face are rats, foxes and dogs. All the research needed can be done on the internet to tell you which predators are the most predominate and common in your area.

Some of the best ways to protect your chickens from predators are by creating a wire mesh fence around where you chickens wander, to always make sure your chickens are properly closed up every night and to also put pest traps.

4.) Take Into Account Your Climate When Building

When building your chicken coop always taken into consideration the temperature and climate of the area you live in. By knowing the most common temperatures during your seasons you can create a chicken coop more designed for your chickens.

This will determine the amount of insulation to put inside your coop during the winter and also how many windows you’ll need for the proper amount of ventilation for the summer months.

A good chicken coop design will include information regarding climate to help you better assess which features are most needed for your chicken coop.

These are just some of the great ways to ensure a properly designed chicken coop based on where you live and what your chickens will need from you to lay most effectively. You’ll definitely be more pleased with the results when you pay close attention to the features to look for in chicken coop designs so that you can create the best chicken coop possible!

The Best way to Build Your Chicken Coop Quickly and Effectively.

This article is designed to give you the best techniques when building your chicken coop so that yours can be built as quickly, effectively and easily as possible.

1.) Choose the Design and Blue Prints For Your Chicken Coop

Your best chance of creating the coop you’re hoping for is by planning your chicken coop exactly how you want it even to the exact measurements. This will save you considerable time when building and trying to determine the size of your coop. It becomes a much more effective way to build while also letting your building be done much more quickly and far more smoothly. Rushing into building a chicken coop is a mistake many first time builders make and doing this will end you up with a lot of difficulties, such as disappointment in the coop’s design and also the potential of building the coop to small for your chickens.

The simple solution to avoiding these problems is to draw out the exact blue print you’re hoping for your chicken coop. Planning is definitely key because this gives you the chance to look at it realistically and think about what is definitely needed for your coop and also lets you not forget other important necessities.

2.) Pay Close Attention to the Size of Your Chicken Coop

It is far better to have a chicken coop that is to big than to small. The size of your chicken coop is definitely one of the most important parts of your chicken coop that some people unfortunately overlook when building.

Make sure to estimate how many chickens you plan on having in the future and then make it slightly larger than you think you’ll need. The reason having a large coop for your chickens is such an important factor in productivity is that chickens aren’t as productive when stressed. When chickens are in cramped conditions they become very unhappy, uncomfortable and scared and they won’t stay on a laying pattern. It’s a horrible thing to underestimate the amount of chickens for your chicken coop only to then realize you’ll need more chickens and more space, and will have to rebuild the entire chicken coop.

3.) Make Sure Your Chickens Have Adequate Light

Light is very important to hens because chickens need vitamin D to lay eggs and for their overall health in general. The best way to ensure your chickens have enough light is by adding windows to your chicken coop. Not only does building in windows keep your chickens healthy and laying more productively but it also ensures proper ventilation running through the chicken coop.

Make sure to place your windows up high though as placing the windows to low will make your chickens feel uncomfortable. This is because the hot sun will be shining directly on them causing stress that will cause them to lay fewer eggs. That is why also having places for your chickens to be under shade is an important aspect of your chicken coop too.

These tips are very important when building  chicken coop. And even though it may seem very difficult and time consuming by breaking down and planning the necessities for your chicken coop and how to achieve the outcomes your hoping for it quickly becomes a much more manageable task that can be done in a few hours. These techniques can greatly benefit your chicken coops and also the health and productivity of your chickens.