Draw make hes woodworking plans to lines that would serve as marks on the surfaces of the frame of the workbench. After that, draw lines in each on the rails that measures 3 and a half inches apart and put a mark in the center. Use a steel saw to cut a quarter inch depth to create a notch out of the 3 by 4.

Using a steel saw blade, you must cut a groove in between the lines that you have marked. After cutting, you can use a hammer to smash it up. Then, take a chisel to clear out the rough and uneven parts of the wood that you have smashed up. You must repeat the process on all sections of the rails. Once you have finished doing it on the entire rails, you must create four 36 inches leg for each rail. You will also need to notch out by 3 quarters inch by 3 and a half inches wide sections from the legs.

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After you have cut all rails and legs, you will have to glue them together. Then, tighten the whole frame by screwing bolts to ensure it will not fall off. To keep the wood from ripping apart, it would be necessary to have it pre-bore so that drilling won’t cause it to split up. Nail the other parts together and ensure that it is sturdy and won’t fall off. Once the frame is completed, you can now put the plywood on top of each section to finish the To build a garage workbench, you must cut two 4 foot lines by 2×4. Next you have to cut lengths of twenty one inch of 2×4’s.. You can choose to have a single layered workbench or as many layers as you want.
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