As is the case for so many home plans woodworkers, the builder’s shop is not optimized for sheet goods and the fact that he must use full sheets of plywood presents an array of challenges.
•    The first piece of advice is to get a gorilla gripper, particularly if the shop is a basement shop.
•    The builder’s shop is too small to use the table saw to rip 8’ strips from the plywood sheet. The alternative is the track saw. Measuring the exact widths needed, the builder is able to rip strips that are exactly the widths he needs.
•    The builder glues and screws together several thicknesses of ¾” birch plywood. The reasons for the extra thickness is first for strength, second for sufficient dado depth.
•    Simultaneously routing the dados in vertically adjacent shelves ensures good outcome. If there is any variation from absolute perfection, it will be mirrored in other shelf and the divider needing the dado cut will fit well and still be accurate.

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