Learn How to Build a Playhouse


How to Build a PlayhouseA playhouse is a wonderful thing to have around for your children.Tree House Plans It can help stimulate your kids’ imagination and develop their creativity at play. Although there are now plenty of pre-assembled and ready-made playhouses for sale out in toy stores today, being able to make your very own play house is something that your kids will truly treasure even when they have grown older. So if you are ready for the challenge, read on and get great tips¬†Do it yourself on how to build a playhouse right at your own backyard.

 Step #1:

Building the base. The very first thing that you need to learn when you want to know how to build a playhouse is creating the floor frame. Remember, the frame will determine the size and the area of your entire playhouse so base your dimensions according to the available space. After deciding on the location, the size and the floor plan/layout for your structure, you can now start creating the base frame. Make use of pressure treated wood for the entire frame. After you have nailed the frame together, set it temporarily aside.

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Step #2:

Levelling the foundation. The next step on how to build a playhouse is to level your chosen area. This is very important as this will help keep your entire playhouse stable and secure. You can add in sand or stones to make the area as level as you possibly can.

Step #3:

How to Build a Playhouse

Install the floor boards. When you are done levelling the ground area, you can now transfer your previously assembled base frame into place. After doing so, proceed to installing the floor boards. You can attach the boards together using pressure treated decking and galvanized screws. A good way to add in extra weather-proofing to your base is to line the base frame first with strips of roofing felt before adding in the boards. Not only will this keep your base more weather-proof but will eliminate wood squeaking as well.


Install the wall frames. Construct the four walls one at a time and make sure that they are properly well-supported. Remember to allot spaces for the windows and the door. After completing each wall, nail or screw them into each side of your base frame until all four walls are complete. Aside from the base, make sure that they are also secured on to each other.

Step #5:

Install the wall boards. After step 4 on how to build a playhouse, you can now starting attaching on the wall boards. Follow the same procedure in step #3, taking into account the windows and the doors.

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Step #6:

Construct the roof. Put up a jig at the roof of the house and construct the trusses and the gussets around this. After making the trusses, secure them into place at the bottom of the eave with nail/screw. Install the roof sheets the same way you did with the floor and wall boards.

So there you have it: simple woodworking tips on how to build a playhouse. All you need to do now is to paint and decorate your playhouse and you should be all good to go.