Finding an ideal spot to store tools and other supplies is not always an easy task. With that being said, a tool cupboard can definitely come in handy for those who are looking to store tools and other supplies. A tool cupboard is a wooden tool cabinet, typically made of wood and equipped with drawers and shelves used for storing tools and other supplies. For the most part, the process involved in making a tool cupboard can be quite intense. In order to construct a tool cupboard, a combination of both power tools and handheld tools is used.

Among other supplies, some of the necessary tools that are most commonly used when constructing a tool cupboard are a rod board, cutting list, radial arm saw, dimension saw, surface planer, thicknesser and a lathe. Once the tool cabinet cupboard is assembled, it will then be fitted with door hinges, knobs or handles for the drawers and a lock. The finished woodworking project will then be coated with multiple coats of sanding sealer and wax polish.

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