It was featured on television seven times and had over thirty articles published. Its woodworking plans building application was sent from committee counsel to regional counsel, and then to the grand district counsel. Unfortunately, by a minority margin, the housing application was denied and the house was commanded to be demolished.

Even after one further appeal, the counsel maintained its decision to have the house removed in its entirety. In demolishing the tree house, however, came concerns with harming the 350-year-old English Oak.

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The policy that struck down the tree house upholds that there must be no development in the countryside. Even though the tree house is on private property, and the surrounding lands are marked with mobile phone towers, man-made structures and other asbestos farm sheds, the counsel denied any permissions for the gentle structure to stay.

Yet, there is still a bead of hope: one last attempt has been made in reapplying for planning permission to keep this tree house.

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