These shelves are most commonly used for holding or storing objects such as books, toys, movies and even decorations and display materials. Having a distinct idea of how wide or thick the shelf needs to be is extremely beneficial. The first step in building a wooden shelf is to grab a pencil, a sheet of drawing paper and a measuring tape, measuring the location where the wooden shelves are going to be placed and then drawing an outline of the project on drawing paper. One of the most commonly used power tools that is often utilized while constructing a wooden shelf is a skill saw. A skill saw is simply a power tool equipped with an extremely sharp toothed disk that spins while being operated.

Skill saws are most commonly utilized while engaging in woodworking projects and can be used to cut wood and metal. The tool that the craftsmen utilizes while constructing the shelf is known as a router table. A router table is simply a stationary power operated machine with a spindle that is equipped with sharp blades, also known as cutter heads used for cutting wood. This short informative video goes through the basic steps of building and constructing a wooden shelf.

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