The diy woodworking project tool chest is intended to be absolutely functional, but with an interesting and thoughtful design that the builder takes the viewer through step by step. The builder also intends for the final tool chest to be a quality piece of furniture, and to be far above most standard tool chests.
•    All woodworking ideas design and measurements are determined on a computer, rather than in the shop.
•    The final chest design appeared to be “boxy,” so the builder added a sloping top rail to balance the chest’s woodworking plans, design and counter the “boxy” appearance.
•    The builder discovers “case hardening” in the shop. He explains what it is, why it occurs and how to work around it. He concludes with the advice to source lumber only from high quality providers.
•    The builder makes a choice between slipmatching and bookmatching the lumber pieces he had to mill to remove the bow effect of case hardening.
•    Prior to beginning construction, the builder returns to the computer to make a slight design change in the top two drawers, explaining his assessment of the choices he recognized.

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