I’ve had a few complaints about the quality of these instructional videos on building stairs. I genuinely wish that the producer had invested in a nicer camera, maybe found some quieter surroundings or a better cameraman, but that being said, try to take the information from the video and just deal with it. I remember being in school and listening to teachers that bored me, but I still had to try to learn what they were saying so give it a shot.

The producer has promised to come back to us with some new, better quality videos later in the summer so we can hopefully look forward to those. That being said, check out this video and see how you can easily calculate the rise and run of your deck stairs to get your layout done properly. Remember each step has to be deep enough to provide foot space so nobody falls and low enough so everyone can climb them comfortably. Proportioning your stairs well is important, so check out this video and learn how!

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