The first step in laminating boat frames plan is to be able to thoroughly identify the different parts of the boat’s plan. After that, you should be able to section the boat into different parts to make the laminating more accurate and fast to finish. The first thing that comes next is the mylars which are the full size lofting of the boat. Full size mylars allow the setting up of moulds by using clamping brackets to the inside of the frame to bend against.

Since bended frames are utilized in the process, it is joined together by the use of epoxy. These frames are refined by taking big pieces of wood out of every frame. Once finished, it is now ready to be laminated. After the laminates are glued, it is then wrapped in a thin plastic and taped it up tight so that the glue won’t get all over the equipment used. The laminates are also added on the center of the frames for the floor timbers of the boat.

After setting it overnight, the plastic used to wrap the frame is taken out. The boat frames are then cleaned for excess epoxy and square up the stack. Once the frames have been glued and coated with epoxy and then refined, jigs are set up to have the boat legged up. As the frames get legged up and stood up on our strong back, it really gives you an opportunity to walk around to see how the planks are going to lay on and how the boat is going to fare.

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