They do not state that woodworking plans the material is a laminate or an “engineered” wood, but it does appear so in the video. Regardless of whether the material is natural or engineered wood, however, the techniques are the same and so apply to either type of material.

The installers begin by undercutting the door frame to accommodate the higher level of the floor and the width of the new board being installed under it. After removing the baseboard and laying plastic sheeting on the existing floor, the installers place a board in the corner of the room, using a 10mm spacer on each side near a wall. Moistening the tongue of each board reactivates the adhesive, and each board should be moistened as it is placed. After laying three runs of wooden floor, the installers use a tapping block and hammer to close up gaps between the boards already placed, repeating the process across to the opposite wall. With all of the flooring laid, the installers replace the baseboard and the room is finished.

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