If you’re an amateur woodworker or even if you’re new to woodworking project, it’s important to start getting your hands dirty and also learning to work projects on a budget. A great, inexpensive project I like involves making a chess board. Now, I don’t know if you like to play chess but it’s a great showpiece either way.

Start wood working plan by buying two lengths of contrasting wood. The top of your board will be about 16 inches squared, so cut each about 17 or 18 inches long. The thickness doesn’t matter because we only care about making the surface. You can use a table saw with a cross cut sled to make nice thin sheets that are 16 inches long and two inches wide. The most difficult part in building the top is gluing these strips of contrasting wood together in an alternating pattern to make the white/black pattern of a chess board. Once you have the strips glued together, cut them in the other direction so you have 2x2squares of contrasting wood glued together. Now, just flip every other one around and glue it down to a plywood backing to give it some bulk. The surface of your chess board is done!

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