The empty cigar box acts as a resonator, therefore the cigar box guitar serves the exact same purpose of a regular guitar, making music is just as easy. Among other items, some of the most common household project items that are used in making a cigar box guitar are door hinges, paint can lids and shower drain stoppers. Matty Baratto is an experienced traditional guitar maker as well as just one of the many skilled craftsmen that is capable of constructing a cigar box guitar, also known as a cigfiddle. Matty’s cigfiddles typically sale for anywhere from $400 to $1500.

These handmade cigar box guitars are fully functional and extremely popular worldwide. Many guitarists prefer to play a type of folk music on the cigar box guitars, known as traditional appalachian folk music which is a specific genre of folk music. This short informative video gives a quick overview on the history of cigar box guitars as well as the guitarists that play the guitars and the craftsmen that construct them.

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