This video from Josh Boddiford  shows the woodworking blueprint for the woodworking project how to build dresser

There are spaces for four rolling drawers to sit: two in the middle shelves and two in the bottom shelves. There are also spaces for three rolling drawers on the top. The sides have been attached using pocket holes to keep the frame extra sturdy. An on-board LED light illuminates the pocket hole joinery used to secure the stretchers.

This dresser is currently sixty inches long, eighteen inches deep, and about thirty-four inches in height. The next step is to begin installing the slide rollers for the drawers.

The inspirational design drawing shows plenty of work to be done, but confirms a good start in building and constructing the dresser frame. The new dresser should also have an inset drawer frame, similar to the one in the picture, which will be more challenging than a simple drawer front overlap. The carpenter also aims to detail the furniture with some small crown molding.

The carpenter also discusses his workspace, contending that more space facilitates better working, but having carpentry tools on wheels is an ideal solution for when there is less room to work in.

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