This tree house woodworking ideas made a supported platform by tree legs is to straddle two garden tree.

The first frame board is positioned in the crotch of the tree while the second is supported and clamped with a temporary brace. A weighted line is dropped and marked while a posthole digger makes the actual hole. Three inches of gravel are then poured into the hole for drainage.

The post is finally inserted and, using a post level, secured with a clamp once vertical. Then, some quick-setting dry mix concrete is used to secure the post for good. The remaining two posts are set in the opposite backyard.

The frame boards are secured and permanently attached to the frame while the matching ladders begin construction. The ladders will use dowels inserted into holes bored into two 2x4s. Dowels are pinched at the ends and inserted into the 2x4s and secured with a portable nail gun. Next, two joists are secured, running across the yards, so that the decking can be laid. Wall frames tree house are then attached to the completed decking. The exterior sheathing is then tacked and secured permanently with screws to finish the tree house off.


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