A router table is simply a stationary mechanism equipped with a mounted spindle with sharp blades intact, known as cutter heads or router bits that are used for cutting. While operating a router table, one of the most common occurrences is the appearance of snipe. In woodworking project, a snipe is a remarkably deep cut that is primarily located either on the top tip of the wood or near the end. While pushing the wood against the router table, a snipe can generally be heard and seen as soon as the cut occurs.

Snipe can easily be prevented by utilizing a handheld woodworking tool called a gripper. A handheld gripper is a tool that many individuals are quite familiar with. By simply adjusting the gripper and then using it to aide the wood by the router table, the gripper assists the operator in guiding the wood through without the occurrence of any unsightly snipes. For the most part, while keeping your safety into consideration, a gripper is typically easy to use and keeps your fingers safe while operating the router table, as the top of the gripper handle is not located near the spindle on the table.

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