Next  step for woodworking plan how to build a bookcase is learn how to insert a kick plates into bookcase.

Kick plates are long sections of wood that are the same thickness as the shelves, but are an inch and a quarter wide.

A thin strip of glue is applied towards the back of this piece so as to avoid glue squeezing out the front once in place. The glue side of the kick plate is set at the back of the top shelf, flush and square between the two sides. You can keep the kick plate in place with spring clamps, regular clamps or an extra screw while the glue sets.

Repeat these steps for the bottom kick plate. You may notice a small gap in the last corner once the kick plate has been installed. Simply take a large clamp and draw the gap in flush with the bottom. Now the DIY project final screw can be driven in.

Any left over glue should be removed before it dries as it is very difficult to sand off.

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