Next step for how to build a bookcase are woodworking project is fallow wood working plans to driving screws into a bookcase.

Make sure that the first corner is completely flush with the edge it is being attached to. Continue driving the screws down the shelf. Be careful not to push the screws in too far—they only need to be flush enough and pull the boards together.

Sometimes a board happens to bend off the line because it is slightly warped. In this case, a little maneuvering when driving the screws will see to the problem.
First, drive a screw into the top edge directly on the line, making sure the edges are flush. Then, pull the bookcase slightly off the bench so there is room for your hand to push and pull the board. Placing a hand on the inside of the bookcase, push the board into the correct position while driving the middle screw in straight. Now, for the bottom a bookcase you will have to pull the board slightly back to hit the line. This is will fix the board and leave you with a straight shelf.

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