If you plan to store wood in your wood shop at home, you should check out this handy project on how to make a lumber rack. A lumber rack can be a useful way of storing large amounts of wood in your shop at home and saving space elsewhere for your other projects.

First, get a stud detector and find the studs in the wall. It’s important that your lumber rack is attached to the studs because it will have to support a lot of weight. First, install a horizontal support cleat that will help to stabilize and support your vertical supports. You can use 2×4 planks to mount your vertical supports for your lumber rack, it’s best to use one support for every vertical stud you can find in your wall. Once you have your vertical supports, use some shop grade plywood to build further shelving and you’re almost done.

Construct a plywood cart using wood glue and add wheels that you can purchase from your local Home Improvement store, making sure to get the heavy duty ones. Follow these woodworking plans and your new lumber rack will act as a great, accessible storage solution for your wood shop.

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