The My Shed Plans is now one of the most complete and comprehensive woodworking manuals available out in the market. The manual was created by professional woodworking artist, Ryan Henderson as he shares to you hundreds of tips and woodworking secrets that will help you do projects like a pro.

If you go out in store today, you are probably going to find an incredibly large selection of woodworking guides and manuals. However, what makes My Shed Plans very special is that it was designed to simplify even the most difficult and complex projects into something that amateurs and first timers can follow.

What to Expect from the Manual

The woodworking manual features over 12,000 different kinds of projects that you can easily do right at home. This is a great long term investment to have for woodworking enthusiasts as the huge number and wide selection of woodworking projects will definitely keep you busy for a long period of time.

All of the 12,000 different woodworking projects also come with detailed blueprints, schematic diagrams and illustrations which give you an idea on what to expect on every single project. Compared to most of the illustrations in other woodworking manuals, this guide features extremely detailed blueprints that you can really use for every project.

The manual also features a very convenient materials list at the beginning of every project. This way, you can simply buy everything that you need before starting and save up a lot of precious money and time in the process. This will also lessen your chances of buying the wrongs kinds of materials at once.

The My Shed Plans Woodworking guide will not let you get on any project without teaching you basic techniques and skills as well. It gives you a complete and comprehensive course on woodworking techniques to help you get through each of the steps easily. If you are already an experienced woodworker, do not worry because the manual can also introduce to you new techniques and tricks of the trade that you have never encountered before.

The Advantages

One of the best features of the My Shed Plans Manual is that it is very systematic and well-laid out. This is a very important factor to help you save up on time, effort and money. Before proceeding on to a project, you are given a comprehensive tutorial and a list of materials that you need to get so you won’t have to go back and forth buying one material after another as you go.

But aside from that, the manual also features projects that all types of woodworkers will surely enjoy – from the intermediate hobbyists to the newbies. It can give you both the most basic projects and teach you great tips and new techniques at the same time.

Another great feature about the woodworking manual is that it is extremely easy to read and understand. This makes even the most complex projects easy and doable. It is also very detailed and comprehensive, giving you a clear picture of every single step.

So whether you are an experienced woodworker or a first timer, the My Shed Plans woodworking guide can give you exactly what you need today.