Peter Bahouth chose to embrace the seven trees that made up his surroundings by designing and creating a tree house that takes tree house building far beyond the childish backyard play set.

This expansive tree house plan was designed for Peter to sleep in at night. He also did not want the building to obstruct the vast upward views of the treetops, and he wanted to create an open and inviting meeting place.

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Construction was made with utmost care for the trees, using pins and brackets so as not to rip or tear the tree trunks. Door and window furnishings were salvaged from restaurants, flea markets, and recycling dumps.

Despite being incredibly close to the rest of city life, this tree house acts as a perfect nature retreat without the long car journey. It is a place where Peter goes to just “sit and hear the birds.” Peter also explains the calming effect of living in the trees: he is focused, less frantic, and has no problem finding a place where he can get his rest and relaxation.

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