One of the most frequently asked questions in wood working recently came up at a seminar I was at. One participant wanted to know “In a wood shop, what is the most important tool?”

Most seasoned wood workers know the answer, but for those of you here to learn, it’s important to know that the most important tool is the table saw. Having a table saw that works properly is one of your greatest assets because it is such a diverse cutting tool for such a large number of big and small projects.

Once you really get into larger projects, you will absolutely find need for a table saw with a nice smooth iron surface and a good rip fence that stays parallel to the blade and gives a nice, true cut. This will be imperative for building bigger projects like cabinets or others I have mentioned before. A good-sized table saw will work great out of the box, but you can improve on it by constructing some add-ons like a cross-cut sled or rolling shop cabinet.

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