Among other things, sealing a wooden deck decreases the amount of discoloration, moisture absorbed and splintering that may occur later on in time as the wood ages. The first step in staining and sealing a deck is to wash the deck thoroughly. A deck is most commonly cleaned with the use of deck cleaners that can easily be purchased at your local hardware store. Deck cleaners are extremely convenient and useful by helping to remove the nail stains, dirt and even the mildew from the wooden deck. When washing the deck, some individuals prefer to utilize a pressure washer. A pressure washer is an extremely powerful machine that is typically used to clean surfaces by utilizing water pressure.

A pressure washer can come in handy, although it is important not to pit the wood, which will create divots in the deck. For the most part, the deck can easily be cleaned with simple household cleaning products, including bleach. Upon cleaning, the deck is then ready to be stained and sealed. Good wood deck maintenance that is performed regularly can increase the life of the deck by keeping the amount of the natural damaging that often occurs over time to a minimum.

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