Depending on the size of the ship, the number of frames also varies. Steam has been proven to bend frames easily as flexibility is concerned. Reframing is also done using steam bended frames to restore boats that have already regressed after periods of time.

To restore an old ship, you must have boat plans the frames assessed first to know how bad the damage is and how you need to go in reframing the entire boat. In this case, S-boat Mischief, one of the remaining from the 94 boats created and launched in 1926 is to be reframed. This is because of its age and the usage of the boat that caused damaged to its entirety and calls for restoration.

To restore the boat, a sawzall is among the equipment to be used in the whole process of restoration. It is used to take out the old frames of the boat since it has a flexible cutting blade and left the planking undamaged. Careful removal of screws was done by backing it up as each screw is taken out to prevent more screw holes. A sled was then utilized to be able to create a taper which is the exact measurement of the wooden boat building. After all measurements were exactly taken, cutting of materials to be used is done to get the whole work started. Getting a frame steamed makes it more easy to bend and the entire work faster to complete.

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