In order to obtain the desired spline mitre joint, you should do the following steps:

– Measure the height of the fence using a measuring tape or a ruler.
– Rip a piece of plywood and place it at the hind of your fence.
– Cross cut this plywood to 12 inches long.
– Take the strip that you just cut from the plywood and label it as part A.
– After that, measure the width of your fence.
– Take the measurement of the width and add 3 quarters of an inch.
– Once you have finish doing that, cut a piece of plywood by 12 inches long.
– Take the piece of the plywood and label it part B.
– The vertical part of the jig needs to be at least at 12 inches by 8 inches tall.
– After you have obtained that cut, mark the center at the very bottom at 6 inches.
– Make layout starting at the center of the board going to its edges.
– Use a framing square and take a 45 degree angle and set the square’s bottom edge at 45 degrees.
– Check on both sides to ensure that the board is perfectly cut into a square.
– Then, using a pencil, trace out these lines and mark the board as part C.

After doing the above mentioned steps, you are now ready to cut your measured board and turn them into a spline miter joint. All the pieces that you have cut are only starting points on turning them into a miter joint which can be done through another set of process.

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