At one end of the tree house sits an airy living room and outdoor deck, complete with a swinging hammock in the sunshine. Surrounded by all wooden fixtures, the dainty kitchen lies in the center of the tree house next to an enormous 800 square foot bathroom. This fantastical bathroom enjoys the sheer luxury of one semi-enclosed, dual shower head, wet room and another shower, which happens to be a massive snake, as well as a slide that leads into the pool-like Jacuzzi.

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A spiral staircase then leads visitors up to a very open master bedroom with an incredibly eccentric ceiling that shares the trees with the monkeys. The roof, too, offers incredible jungle views and a patio table set for two. To top it all off, at the far end of the house there is a fully self-contained two-bedroom guesthouse, all made using salvaged wood.

This is one tropical abode that takes environmentally friendly living and makes it luxurious.

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