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The next woodworking project level up boasts a view of the surrounding fields framed by the leafy inside of this massive tree. To the side sits a bedded room, complete with duvets, pillows and mosquito nets, where friends lounge and relax in the breezes.

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A door opens to a rope bridge that leads to a crow’s nest in another tree, while or one more ladder leads tree climbers further upwards.

Up here is a top platform holding two wooden patio chairs and a telescope for views further than the eyes can see.

tree house

Just when it seems that the tree house could not get any higher, one last ladder reveals itself with a bird’s eye view of the tree house’s entirety.

As it turns out, the rope ladder next to the lounging mosquito net room leads not to the rope swing, but a fully legitimate zip line that takes any daring tree house romper all the way back to the fields below.

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