The tree is being build plans into the house. Barriers are then set up along the edges with an opening left at one side.

A staircase is then laid in the opening while a second, middle structure takes form. Posts have been secured with concrete and thin walls with windows seem to be put up, leaving the outside decking as a surrounding balcony. The rest of the inside walls and barriers are then attached and secured and a little roof is put up. Next, a reddish brown lacquer paints the posts and the little house in the middle.

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A short ladder is attached at one side and then the outside of the house is adorned with curved logs to create an especially log cabin effect. Windows are placed and the outside logs and balcony barriers begin to get stained. A roof is also laid.

The white-walled, curtained interior comes as a surprise compared to the rustic exterior, complete with bed, television and a VCR, making it more a tree guesthouse than a backyard retreat.

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