From cabinets, drawers, shelves, box cars and even wooden bikes, woodworking gives an individual the opportunity to build and construct a wide variety of different woodworking projects. With that being said, one unique woodworking object in particular is the wood bike. In order to efficiently construct a wooden bike, an individual must be somewhat detail oriented. For the most part, constructing a wooden bike can definitely be an extremely time consuming process. This short informative video exhibits a woodworking company called Masterworks. The skilled craftsmen employed at Masterworks are capable of performing a variety of different jobs, from architectural details to furniture and even custom woodwork.

Currently, one of the most creative and unique projects that Masterworks has produced to date is the wooden bike. A wooden bike is an object that anyone can make use of and enjoy. Some consider handmade wooden bikes to be antiques or collectibles, while others prefer to ride them or use them as toys. Among other things, the wooden bikes that are built and constructed by the craftsmen at Masterworks are not only fun but, fully functional as well. Wooden bikes are available worldwide and can be found in a variety of different colors and sizes.

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