The first issue is to determine an acceptable pattern for the dovetails, an issue here because the top and bottom of the side panels are not the same width. The builder on his woodworking plans chooses a 1:6 ratio and begins demonstration of how to mark the dovetails.
•    The builder explains that it is accepted practice to place a half tail at each end of a dovetailed junction, and demonstrates how to account for that half tail using the dovetail guide.
•    The bigger decision is how wide to make the pins. It is relatively easy to vary the width of the tails, but the builder needs to determine whether he will use the same number of tails on the narrow top edge as on the wider bottom edge, or leave the dovetail joints the same size on top and bottom, using more on the bottom than on the top. Either way, the builder favors uniform pin size.
•    The builder uses a compass to measure points of marked tails so that he can transfer the markings to the other side of the top and bottom pieces. He cuts the tails by hand, and then transfers marks to the pin board that will be the side of the chest. The builder also cuts the pins by hand and cleans up the cuts with woodworking small tools.

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