•    The host begins with a compass to mark a 6” circle on the wood cube, which really is not a cube at all. It appears to be about 7 x 3 inches. The host uses a bandsaw to cut away excess wood to reveal a roughly round cylinder.
•    After mounting the wood blank on the lathe, the host demonstrates his woodworking project approach to sharpening the bevel he will use on the lathe. He then uses the sharpened bevel in a push cut to rough out the stock. There were bark inclusions that proved to be more than only superficial. Rather than deal with those and some cracks in the blank, the host chooses to begin again with a different piece of wood.
•    The new wood is a six year old piece of maple burl. The host uses a variety of tools and techniques on the lathe, explaining the purpose of each as he develops the exterior of the wood bowl. He then removes the center of the wood to form the interior of the bowl, finishing on the lathe with sandpaper glued to very thin, flexible wood and held in contact with the bowl with a padded stick.
•    Running short on time, the host explains how to expose the bottom to clean that up, and then oil and finish the bowl.

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